Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Step by Step Guides To Chasing The Northern Lights in Inishowen

Suggested Spots in Inishowen to see Northern Lights in Inishowen:
  • Malin Head
  • Dunree
  • Mamore Gap
  • Dunaff
  • Tullagh Point
  • Ballyliffin
  • Culdaff
  • Tremone
  • Shrove
  • Inishowen Head

NASA, Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis Alert
First step is to log into the below website. 
Aurora Alert
(Note: If the Green line is at G3, there is a better chance of a viewing than G1. However you can still see the lights when at G1)
If today’s date is green in colour there is a high possibility of viewing the Northern Lights. If today’s date is white there is no possibility of seeing the Northern Lights.
The next step is to , check for real time KP values. If  the KP number is 4 or more get out and head North after dark with clear skies.

Real Time Aurora KP values
(Note: This KP index needs to be reading 4 +)
Stay on this web page  Scroll down the page and another good tool on this website  is the real time aurora forecast map.

It gives a 30 to 40 minute forecast of the predicted size of the aurora along with a colour-coded probability of seeing the aurora over various spots on the Earth.When this green circle moves towards Ireland and is coloured yellow / red there is a very high possibility of a viewing. The Aurora can be visible from colour code 50% and above.

Next Log onto , Scroll down until you come to the below image:Aurora Magnetic Field.

(Note: If Bz component is negative there is a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights.)
If this is negative then there is a high possibility of a viewing as components are being dragged South.
If this is positive there is a very unlikely possibility of a viewing as components are being dragged North.
The only other factor that you need to consider is the weather;  cloud, wind and heavy rain can all have an impact and affect your change of a viewing.  You can monitor the weather updates on:


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